If you need a break from fusion workouts, these classic strength training moves can get you results just as well. Amp up your endurance while focusing on core-sculpting moves with this fast workout that only takes the length of your average TV sitcom. Grokker trainer Kelly Lee will show you moves that’ll tone those trouble spots like the lower abs and obliques. Don’t be fooled by the core focus—this routine will need your arm and leg strength as well. Get your A-game ready and press play.

Workout details: You’ll need an exercise mat, one set of light dumbbells, and sliders or paper plates for this class. Perform each move for 30 seconds, and repeat the workout a total of 3 times through for the best burn.Start with a warm-up with core activation, table top, push and pull, and a table top back opener. Start the workout with reverse crunches, toe touches, scissor kicks, and alternating toe touches. Do a double crunch, pikes, “Rockette” moves, and a weighted variation on the Superman pose. Round it out with T-stabilization and an alternating side plank. Repeat the sequence two more times.

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